Superior plates begin with superior artwork. Utilizing the latest computer graphic systems, UG&E will work from the customer's electronic files, scan and enhance from existing printed samples and/or create original artwork as required.

All art is carefully evaluated and adjusted for printability on an individual basis. This ensures trouble-free runs on any press type. Computer-generated 'fingerprint' plates are available to help us evaluate each customer's press. Future jobs can then be custom tailored to fully utilize specific press capabilities.

Final artwork is digitally converted directly to negatives in order to achieve the highest possible fidelity.

UG&E's Digital Direct to Plate process produces the highest quality printing plate available. Digital art is directly laser imaged to the plate without the need of negatives. This produces a plate that is unmatched in fidelity and detail. Plates are available in a variety of calipers, from .045'' to .250''. Plates are produced for both PrePrint and Direct Print methods. Unity produces a seamless, one-piece plate at a maximum size of 50'' x 80''. Seamless, one piece printing sleeves are also available.

UG&E's Liquid Photopolymer platemaking department produces a high quality printing plate utilizing the MERIGRAPH GERMICIDAL® finishing system. This delivers a durable, tack-free plate. Plates are available in a variety of calipers, from .045'' to .250''. Unity produces a seamless, one-piece plate at a maximum size of 40'' x 80''. Careful attention is given to fine detail, with hard resin capping available for screened plates.

UG&E's mounting department will mount and preregister plates to the most demanding standards. Opti-check technology is employed to assure speed and accuracy. Careful records are kept for each customer's press specifications so jobs run smoothly and trouble free, with the absolute minimum of setup. A wide variety of substrates and lead/trail edge options is available.

NEW! Short Run Injet Samplemaking. Sometimes a job has a "short" run - such as seasonal displays, tradeshow samples, or limited product production. Printing plates and cutting dies become less cost effective as quantities go down. Our Injet diecut samples are directly printed onto corrugated substrate and then computer cad-cut and scored, resulting in an economical short run display. Best of all, this process is not limited to the constraints of traditional flexo printing; unlimited colors and high fidelity process images are no problem!