Unity's Computer Assisted Drafting Department can create state of the art designs for customer approval. Utilizing three-dimensional design software and a computerized drafting/cutting table, we will produce samples for customer approval. We can also process electronic files from customer specifications for various machinery, to exacting standards. Unity's CAD department is trained to comply to the most stringent stripping requirements for fast, trouble-free runs.

USRD's Computer Driven Laser Die Burning department delivers fast and accurate burning of both rotary and flat dies with our state-of-the-art laser. On-site programming through our CAD department gives us direct file-to-laser burning capabilty. This technology assures that our customer's file is cut with speed and precision, unmatched by old-fashioned hand methods.

The Rotax® Automatic Steel Rule Benders process, and bend the steel rule, allows each piece to perfectly fit each burn of the laser. This finely tuned system follows every kerf of the die board, giving an impeccable fit to your display. Custom perf rule, bending notches, punches, and special purpose rule are now possible. The accuracy and repeatability of these machines accelerate the bending process and shorten die making time to meet today's fast turn around times.

Precise Die Assembling and Sampling:
Our experienced crew carefully fits each piece of rule to make every tool a perfect match for the sample given. Every rule is positioned and secured for the strength and durability our customers' demands.

Quality Control Procedures and Approvals follow every step of the production process. Rigorous standards are applied to each detail-layout, consistency of burn width and depth, micrometer checks of rule heights, and suitability of specifications for each type of die cutter.